Àbabuja Restaurant

The Àbabuja Restaurant has been serving for years, having been founded by the Soares siblings (Manuela, José and Isabel) back in 1992.

It all started when Manuela went out for a walk along the Alvor riverside and spotted an old fisherman's house, and imagined how great it would be to have a restaurant serving traditional Algarve meals and fresh homemade cakes. The dream turned reality when the house was restored and now speacialisis in traditional seafood, offering the locals and tourist alike an array of seafood delicacies to choose from.

Why Àbabuja?

The name derives from a traditional Portuguese expression. Decades ago, long before Alvor ever became the popular tourist destination it is today, the fishing house was located on the main fishing area and the waves used to come up very close to the main entrance. According to locals, 'babugem' is the foam of the waves after it breaks. Therefore, Àbabuja seemed to fit in perfectly.